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GCP (Genistein Concentrated Polysaccharide) GeniKinoko
335 mg. 180 CAPSULES
(3 capsules = 1 gram)

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GCP is an acronym for Genistein Combined Polysaccharide and is derived from organic, GMO-free soybeans developed in Japan. Genikinoko contains GCP, which is produced by the fermentation of soybean isoflavone extracts with basidiomycetes mushrooms.

GCP contains a rich content of isoflavones aglycon, especially genistein as well as a rich content of polysaccharides and basidiomycetes. Propecia uk buy online consulation cialis overnight shipping usa cheap levitra pillole for sale receta viagra casera viagra in australia. In studies at Columbia University in New York, several experiments revealed that GCP can have a dramatic effect on prostate cancer cells. GCP can cause prostatic cancer cells to stop growing and dividing. Their findings have been duplicated in both cell cultures and animals. when the cancer cells are exposed to GCP, they undergo cell death known as apoptosis. The death of these cancer cells occurs early, often a few hours after exposure to GCP .  It is expected that GCP will be useful for cancer treatment and may play a significant role in the management of cancer in the U.S. Viagra Tablets For Sale Uk in Coppell .

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** Warning ** if you have a medical condition, allergies to soy or mushrooms, and/or an intolerance to soy or gluten, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional before using GCP.

GCP is all natural and 100% organic
GCP is a fermented soybean product rich in isoflavone aglycones
GCP is especially rich in genistein content
GCP is derived from certified organic GMO-FREE soybeans
GCP is produced by a proprietary fermentation process
GCP contains basidiomycetes mushrooms
GCP is supported by clinical research
GCP is well documented in peer-reviewed research papers
GCP is sourced from Japan

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When the immune system is suppressed, the body's killer "T" cells sometimes cannot recognize and distinquish between normal cells and mutated cells.  Low Cost Generic Cialis official source this generic brands of viagra online cialis for overseas news . GCP contains a rich content of polysaccharides.

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GCP is very safe. GC Tips on these online express viagra attempts this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you. Soybeans and soybean products have been consumed by millions of people for thousands of years with great health benefits and no significant side effects. Similarly, basidiomycetes mushrooms, such as Lentinus edodes and Ganoderma lucidum, have also been used in culinary and medicinal ways for thousands of years. There have been no serious adverse effects reported of GCP in humans.

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